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Questions and Facts

Frequently asked questions

Most people don’t research and buy fence every day. And finding the right fence to meet your needs and budget can be a daunting task. But it really doesn’t have to be. The experts at Metro Fence are here to help.
If you have additional questions or would like to speak with us, please feel free to contact us at (616) 243-7100
General Questions
Q: How close to the property line can a fence be built?
A: In most cases, a fence can be constructed just inside of your property border. (Certain Cities, Townships and Neighborhoods may have additional restrictions).
Q: Do we need to consult with our neighbor?
A: No, most areas do not require input from your neighbor (unless you are a part of some home owner associations) HOA.
It might be a good idea though, especially if your neighbor has small children or pets. You may want to inform them about the upcoming construction. That way they can keep their children and pets safely away from the construction.
Another thing to consider is that in our experience, many times trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, might be very close to the fence or property line. Occasionally this might impact the project and the vegetation might have to be trimmed.
Q: Is a building or fence permit required?
A: Some municipalities do require a fence permit, and most all have rules and regulations as to the location and height of a fence.
We can help you with this, and in many cases will even apply for, and obtain the necessary permits on our customers behalf.
Q: Is there a fee for a permit?
A: Fence Permit fees (if any) are determined by the governing authority. Most residential permit fees range from $20.00 to $90.00.
Q: Do I need to have the buried underground utilities located?
A: A good fence contractor should always take care not to damage underground utilities.
We always contact Miss DIG System Inc. They will notify all of the affected utility owners to locate and mark pipes or wires that may be buried. (Note: they do not locate underground sprinkling systems or privately owned utilities).
Q: Do we need a property boundary survey?
A: No, A property boundary survey is not required, but is highly recommended.
If you are placing the fence near your property border, you will need to know exactly where that border is located.  Most fence contractors will place the fence where you direct them to.
If you are unsure where your property border is, we will be happy to provide you the name of a qualified property boundary surveyor.
Questions regarding materials.
Q:  What type of fence materials and styles are available?
A:  Metro Fence offers many types of materials and an almost endless choice of designs.
Chain-link Fence is generally one of the most economical, and maintenance free. It offers great flexibility and will fit with almost any terrain.
We offer both, standard Galvanized Chain-link Fence (silver/grey), or an increasingly popular option, Vinyl Coated Chain-link Fence which is offered in several colors (black, brown, or green).
Wood Fence has long been a great choice for fencing.
At Metro Fence we generally custom build our wood fence on site (not pre-built panels).
This allows us to build a better fence, reduce waste materials, and accommodate for slopes and changes in terrain.
In West Michigan, The type of lumber most used is Pressure Treated Pine, Cedar, or a combination of both.
PVC-Vinyl Fence is a popular alternative in virtually maintenance free fencing. Although its initial cost is higher than most wood fence, it does not have to be painted or stained.  It offers a crisp clean look that will complement almost any property and will last for years.
Metro Fence offers a complete line of professional quality PVC-Vinyl Fence in many heights, styles and colors. Many designs are even available in optional realistic looking wood grain texture and colors.
Ornamental Fence is quite often referred to as Wrought Iron Fence. This is sort of an outdated term. These metal fences are generally built of Aluminum or Steel that is more rust resistant and has a durable powder coated finish.
Metro Fence has many different designs and colors ranging from modern and contemporary, to the more ornate or classic looking in appearance.
They are available in a variety of heights styles or colors and can add an upscale feel to almost any project.
Many of these different materials and designs can be combined with each other to provide a solution to your specific situation. Maybe you need privacy in part of the property and pet containment on another.
Or possibly you want a fancier looking fence in front and a more economical in the rear.
The solutions are almost endless. We have years of experience meeting the specific needs of home and business owners in our area.
Call us today, at (616) 243-7100 and we’ll get to work for you.
No high pressure sales tactics or tricks. Just honest answers, information and quality service.

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